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Queen Emmy Rossum & The Ging Film Most Flawless Show On TV, Daily Fail Writes Weird Article About It


She looked very fit while running around Los Angeles on set of Shameless on Friday.
But Emmy Rossum joked that she had a hard time delivering her lines while out of breath.
The actress was spotted filming with Cameron Monaghan, while showing off her flat stomach and slender legs in a black sports bra and blue shorts.

‘Filming a scene today where Fiona and Ian are jogging and talking,’ she tweeted that morning to update her 418,000 followers.

‘I'm sorry. People can actually speak while running?! #shameless

To top off her workout wear, Emmy wore a pair of red trainers, and had her brunette locks tied in a ponytail. She appeared to be make-up free, although was likely wearing a little for the cameras. Emmy wisely decided to protect her porcelain skin from the harsh rays of the sun while spending a good deal of time outside, as she strolled under an umbrella.

Once she had finished shooting, the 27-year-old slipped on a grey T-shirt and headed into a trailer.

In the scene, Emmy and Cameron, 20, push their on-screen half-brother Liam as well as another child in a stroller.


Cameron is also dressed in gym gear in the form of a green tank top, grey shorts and matching trainers.

On Monday, Emmy posted a photo on Instagram of her character Fiona getting hit with a drink as she revealed cameras were rolling on the Shameless set again.


‘Season 5 starts filming today. It's a true Gallagher summer. Let's hope it goes better for Fiona than last time we saw her during summer,’ she wrote.

Aside from Shameless, Emmy has three films out this year.


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