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Comics News Round-Up Post

Gail Simone Driven off Batgirl Due to Editorial Insistence on "Grimness"

Remember the other day, when we reported on the new Batgirl creative team and the new direction for the character? And we said that it looked like Gail Simone left the title of her own volition? Well, as it turns out, there's a little more to that story. It seems that Simone left the title due to... wait for it... creative differences with the book's editor.

Which editor? Well, it could be middle management editor Mike Marts, who left DC for Marvel - good luck with that, Marvel - in the wake of Burbankmageddon, or it could be Batgirl editor Katie Kubert, who also left DC for Marvel, but it's definitely not current Batbook line editor Mark Doyle, since Simone specifically credits him with turning things around for the better. She does confirm that the editor in question left DC after she quit, so we know it was one of the two. Bleeding Cool says Kubert, and she was the most recent depature and Uncle Rich may have been posing as a potted plant in DC's offices for months to get that info, but, at the same time, Simone specifically praises Doyle, Marts' replacement.
Here's what Simone said on Tumblr (full post here):

I was not fired, I quit, over creative differences. However, the book has a new editor and he is much more open to creative suggestions and I think the book will benefit HUGELY from his presence.

Bleeding Cool, by virtue of being located an England and living on a godless reverse timetable, managed to collect all the tweets about this we were sleeping, and you can read them all here. We're going to rearrange them a bit to put things in context. Also, please note that Simone wishes no ill will to the new creative team, and we don't either. The new book does look like it will be a lot of fun. So don't hold this against them. Ok, here we go:

So Gail left over creative differences with the editor, then the editor or editors left DC, and the book was finally allowed to be what Gail wanted it to be, but there was already a new creative team? Oh, for fuck’s sake. Again, we're guessing the editor in question is either Mike Marts or Katie Kubert, though he or she is never mentioned by name. His replacement seems to be faring better, in Gail Simone's eyes at least:

But fear not, Gail Simone fans - there’s plenty to be positive about:

So any news on some of this fun, rewarding work we haven’t heard of yet? Well, it’s not Birds of Prey:

We know that’s a joke, but we swear to God DC, make that book happen, and we’ll strike ten previous counter resets from the record.

Bye-Bye, Hawkeye: Matt Fraction Announces End of Series

Okay, this looks bad. On July 10 just after 1 p.m., comic book writer Matt Fraction told the world via his Twitter that he's currently working on the final script for the wildly successful Hawkeye comic. Thus marking a very sad day for not only superhero fans but for fans of the graphic arts, fantastic writing and pretty much everything good in the world. Okay, maybe that last one is a little a dramatic, but this is a seriously great comic.

Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon was the 7th best selling graphic novel of 2013 and the only trade from Marvel Comics to make the top ten as well as ranking #3 on Amazon's Best Books of 2013: Comics & Graphic Novels right behind Allie Brosh's Hyperbole and a Half and Saga vol 2 headed by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. Not bad for the little archer that could, not bad at all.

Hawkeye first came out in the summer of 2013, the summer following Marvel Studio's astronomical blockbuster The Avengers, in which Hawkeye himself, Clint Barton made his big screen debut with a whooping 12 minutes and 44 seconds of screen time -- the least of any of The Avengers. Fraction proved that even the less popular characters can support a solo book if it’s done right, and with sharp character grasp, funny, innovative writing and drop dead gorgeous art by David Aja they just don't come more right than Hawkeye.

The series will presumably end shortly after issue #21 titled “The Finale, Part 1” which signals the curtain close of one of Marvel's best series to date. While, we're sad to see Matt Fraction and Hawkguy go, we can all die happy knowing that this book ever existed at all. We wish all the best to Matt and his future projects and can't wait to see what happens to Clint, Kate Bishop and Pizza Dog from here. Especially, Pizza Dog.

Batman, Original Sin Top June Sales Chart

June 2014 comic book and graphic novel sales were almost exactly the same as June 2013 sales, and through the first half of the year sales are almost exactly the same was they were in the first half of 2013, according to sales charts as market data released by Diamond Comic Distributors Friday.

Yup, things are officially static in the comic book Direct Market.

Marvel, as is once again now standard, led both market share categories, though in a relatively tight race with DC. The latter publisher had the bestselling comic book of the month and five of the Top 10 bestsellers.

Batman #32 led the field in June, continuing to solidify itself as the premiere ongoing comic book series in the Direct Market bar none. Superman #32, featuring the debut of the Geoff Johns-John Romita Jr. creative team, clocked in as the fifth bestselling title of the month.

Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man #3 finished one spot ahead of Original Sin #3 as those Marvel titles took the show and place positions on the chart.

Archie Comics had the bestselling trade paperback with Volume One of their Afterlife with Archie collection.

An 8.09% rise in graphic novel dollar sales helped offset a 2.93% decline in comic book sales versus June 2013, putting June 2014 a fraction of a percent (0.33%) ahead of last year.

So where do things stand in year-to-date 2014 sales now that half the year is in the bank? The good news is sales in the second quarter 2014 are way up versus the first quarter of 2014 (13.96%).

The better news is sales in the second quarter 2014 are up by 4.04% versus second quarter sales in 2013. This leaves year-to-date 2014 sales down slightly in comic books, up slightly in graphic novels, and up just 0.08% overall versus 2013.














































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