The Top50 North American + Worldwide Tours of 2014



Highlights: Celine Dion and Britney Spears killing it with their Las Vegas residencies and taking in 37 million dollars despite their smaller capacity venues. Cher proving that she's still the go-to elderly touring power when Madonna isn't around. JT and Elton John representing the guys and grossing more than 62 million dollars.

Lowlights: Shania Twain taking in only 10 million from her own residency, Lady Gaga grossing less than Britney with twice as many tickets and ranking at a lowly 19.


Highlights: One Direction earning a whopping 7 million per show for eating bananas on stage and slapping each other in the butt, Beyonce proving once more that she's a global touring power, Katy Perry who is on track for a 100+ million dollar gross from her tour since she's taking in an average of almost 1.5 million per show. Britney and Celine making an appearance even though they haven't moved an inch from Vegas.

Lowlights: Jay-Z appearing quite low on the list, Demi Lovato still struggling as a touring act.


Let the stan wars commence!