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Mariah Close To Joining 1 Billion Views Club

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According to People's Choice, Mariah is very close to hitting 1 billion views on YouTube/VEVO:

Check out five surprising artists who are on the cusp of joining Demi Lovato(???) in the Million Views Club:

1. Mariah Carey

Currently at: 966.5 Million views

Time to buy some shampoo because Carey's exclusion from the Billion Views Club is a certified head-scratcher.

2. Justin Timberlake

Currently at: 893.9 Million views

While the new King of Pop has yet to technically surpass one billion views, if you factor in his Saturday Night Live appearances and Jimmy Fallon collaborations, we estimate Timberlake's actual total is somewhere between one billion and infinity.

3. Coldplay

Currently at: 877.7 Million views

Fresh off a promotional tour for their latest album Ghost Stories, it's only a matter of time before Coldplay exceeds a billion views.

4. Usher

Currently at: 875.4 Million views

Could Usher be the next artist to surpass a billion views? It was just announced that Usher will perform at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, providing the popular performer with a social media boost.

5. Calvin Harris

Currently at: 802.6 Million views

New Billion Views Club amendment: If you write the number one song of 2012 AND are a world-renown DJ, you receive an automatic membership.


Can I just say how proud I am of my Queen for showing these MEN how it's done!
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