Capaldi's First Doctor Who Episode Leaks Online

If the scripts weren't bad enough, sadly, Peter Capaldi cannot get abreak for his first series. A rough, cut down and restricted copy of the first episode has now found its way onto the internet.

Like the scripts, this copy was also taken from BBC Miami's site and are designed for translating and dubbing by Drei Marc, however it was presumed that since it didn't turn up shortly after the scripts, BBC Miami acted in time to prevent it. How wrong we were.

Only the first episode has come out. The length stands at 1:15:57, which may still be subject to change. The copy of the episode is black and white, cropped at the top and bottom to form a letterbox with limited CGI and is massively watermarked. Matt's old title sequence has been used, just like previous new title sequence episodes have used the previous title sequences before transmission.

Steven Moffat has spoken out against the script leaks earlier today at London Film and Comic Con, stating that it is "horrible", "miserable" and "upsetting" and is grateful for those who haven't spread spoiler or read the scripts; "We’re miserable about it. They were stolen. It’s theft".

As before, we won't be linking to it, nor will we be revealing spoilers from it. Please can our users keep our site link/hint free and be careful on the internet. The comments are still set to pre-moderation. We urge fans not to watch it, but rather wait until airing where you can see it how it was designed to be. Failing that, we urge fans to at least be aware of fake copies.


LMAO I CANNOT @ THE BBC'S CONTINUED FAILURE TO KEEP THEIR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY SECURE.I haven't tracked the episode down yet and idk if I will. What about you guys?