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The Wolf Among Us Episode 5 'Cry Wolf' Review: "A Satisfying Ending"

Cry Wolf picks up immediately after In Sheep's Clothing's conclusion -- in the inner sanctum of The Crooked Man behind the curtain. The same Crooked Man who seemingly set all of the events of Wolf in motion, and who we only got a mere glimpse of in the penultimate episode. The good news is -- you don't have to wait long for revelations. In fact, some secrets are immediately revealed, setting the tone for a rather fast-paced episode that doesn't screw around or waste time.

The rest of the dark realizations will unfold over the course of the tale, but the pacing is pretty spot-on throughout, sprinkling a good amount of action scenes on top of confrontations and a few inquisitions. Fans who enjoyed the pure detective elements might be a little disappointed until the very end, but this is a finale after all, and there is a lot that's expected in terms of excitement -- which it delivers.

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[Decision Time!]

  • I left Georgie to die (BYE BITCH)

  • I gave the Crooked Man a Trial

  • I threw the Crooked Man down the Witching Well

  • I accepted TJ's gift for Snow

  • And I told Nerissa that "I hope I did some good"

What choices did you make also what did you think about that cliffhanger at the end?
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