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BBUK: Steven and Kimberly become first housemates to have intercourse in house.

"We're dirty people," said Steven Goode in tonight's show and boy was he telling the truth.

The entrepreneur and Playboy model Kimberly Kisselovich got down to business on Friday night's recap show and became the first couple to have full sexual intercourse on the Channel 5 reality show.

Earlier in the day the pair clashed over Kimberly's admission with Steven becoming emotional and saying he could cry over them.

“I’m just confused because my idea of going on a break is that you don’t sit there and look at pictures of the person you’re on a break with," he told Kim.

"You’ve been hiding them a little bit; you should have just been like ‘just to let you know I did bring photos of him in’. If it was me, I wouldn’t have even told me about that, I would have chopped them up and chucked them straight in the bin.

"That’s just how I would deal with it.”

But Kimberly wouldn't accept that, replying: “I’m sorry I’m not a psycho like that.”

Steven: “You’ve just showed me a photograph of him. I could cry my eyes out right now here Kim.”

Then as the pair continued to argue about who should be more upset and who gets who better, the conversation became very vivid and strange with Steven comparing his emotions to something very rude indeed.

He said: “No I do get you. I just don’t understand your decisions at all, I think they’re terrible, I think they are really bad and I feel like someone w***** all over my face, that’s how bad I feel.

He added: "I feel like someone’s j***** *** all over my face and said ‘there you stupid fool’ that’s how I feel."

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Tags: big brother (reality show), british celebrities, nudes / nsfw / nip slips, sex tape

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