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A song for the sunset.

Lane 8 ‘I Got What You Need (Every Night)’ ft. Bipolar Sunshine

As the summer reign of the world’s other half continues, Germany-based producer LANE 8 makes his contribution to the season’s soundtrack with his song ‘I Got What You Need (Every Night)’, featuring BIPOLAR SUNSHINE (the solo project of Adio Marchant, previously the lead vocalist for now defunct KID BRITISH).

A re-working of his ‘Every Night’ track which was released early last year, this new edition has maintained the original’s deep house chill whilst throwing in a new layer of lyrical lines and an even more prominent solid bass-line, inevitably turning up the tune’s ‘danceable’ factor.

The song opens with Marchant‘s raspy and sans-exertion vocal stylistics, which only sets and maintains the low-fuss vibe of the track. But as the introduction’s wooden percussive hit melds into the constant turn of synths and pulsating low end beats, there’s a fresh bout of energy that allows for a shuffle-along groove to keep moving and bopping along to.

The cyclical phrase of ‘I got what you need, baby’ is melodically catchy and lyrically easy enough to remember, so chanting along even upon the intial listen is a given. Though the original version thrives off its ethereal ambiance, ‘I Got What You Need (Every Night)’ shows the other facet of this musical gem.

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