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Doomsday & 3 Other Villains Planned for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of the Superbatting

Bleeding Cool sources who have been rather reliable in the past have told us that they have seen Batman V Superman designs for the character of Doomsday. In the comics, Doomsday was the creature who killed Superman, in an epic battle across all the Superman titles, culminating a battle composed entirely of splash pages drawn by Dan Jurgens.


Recently, the character returned in the rebooted New 52 Superman titles, in the crossover event Doomed masterminded by Scott Lobdell.

Now, of course, much can change in the production process. This may be used purely for flashback purposes on the screen, looking at the life (and death) of Superman. It may be purely for promotional efforts to accompany the film. Or it may not make it to the final cut.

But as of now, it looks like Doomsday, the killer of Superman, be in the next film… will Superman make it out alive?

Probably. It is the dawn of justice after all. And not the wake.


It seems as though the floodgates have well and truly opened when it comes to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice news. We've only just caught our first glimpse of Henry Cavill as Superman, and now it looks as though three - count 'em, three - new villains have been revealed for the movie.

And they're not good news for the superheroes...

Latino-Review are reporting that we're going to see Victor Zsasz, David Cain and Morgan Edge in the film, which on the face of it...doesn't sound all that exciting. When you get to know the characters, though, it's a whole different ballgame.

What's more - the same report suggests that we'll see Amanda Waller appear. Since she's one of the longest-standing governmental opponents of the Justice League, that too could be bad news for our heroes.

We thought we should take a closer look at the quartet of potential villainy, and see just what their presence could mean for Supes, Bats and the rest of the gang.

First up:

Victor Zsasz:


Most likely the most recognizable of the villains to DC movie fans, Victor Zsasz is a gleefully psychopathic enemy of Batman's - a serial killer who marks 'tally marks' into his own body to keep track of those he's killed. He's also appeared in Batman Begins played - in seriously creepy fashion - by Tim Booth.

His mission? To 'liberate' the living from their meaningless existences. Which sure makes him sound like a perfect Bat-villain for the early part of the movie, the role Latino-Review suggest he'll play. Which would work - If you want to set a dark, unhinged tone, but don't want to use the Joker, Victor Zsasz is the perfect guy. That said, the odds of Tim Booth being brought back to play him seem seriously slim.

David Cain:


A less famous villain, David Cain's biggest mark on DC history may well be his daughter - Cassandra Cain, aka Batgirl. He's also, though, one of the most lethal assassins in the world - and has a history of murdering people Batman loves.

He's also, however, a man with a code, and a far cry from the psychotic villainy of Victor Zsasz. Latino-Review reckon he's set to be hired by Lex Luthor - which, if the comic book shoe fits, could bode extremely poorly for whoever the target is.

Plus, it could open up the possibility of seeing Cassandra Cain in a future movie - and she's awesome.

Morgan Edge:


Morgan Edge is a different kind of villain entirely - and one who seems a perfectly attuned henchman for the version of Lex Luthor we're set to see. A ruthless business tycoon in the comics, Edge is reportedly set to be a PR rep for LexCorp in the film. Interestingly, his role in the comics also incorporated a directly criminal component from the mid-80s on - one that will also reportedly feature in the movie, and certainly did when he appeared in Smallville, played by Rutger Hauer:

Either way, expect a secondary villain that's sleazy, dangerous and heavily tied to Lex Luthor.

Amanda Waller:


A no-nonsense, self-made woman, Amanda Waller is one of the most dangerous enemies of the Justice League for countless reasons - not least among them the fact that she's not usually a villain at all.

Instead, Waller is a senior level official in the federal government - one who genuinely believes that superheroes are a potential threat, and seeks to limit their autonomy. She's reportedly playing a senator in the upcoming movie - who will presumably ally herself with either Batman or Lex Luthor to combat the perceived threat of Superman.

Which she might well do through sheer force of being a bad-ass:


The only potential controversy surrounding Waller? How she'll look.

She was originally a strong, older woman, with a large, powerful frame. That's the Amanda Waller you can see above. More recently, though, she's been ret-conned into a much younger, slimmer model, more like the version seen in Arrow:

Which of these versions of Waller will feature in the movie remains to be seen - and you never know, Holly Hunter has been rumored to be playing a member of Congress...

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is set for release May 6, 2016.

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