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Lea Michele's Eyebrows

When it comes to Lea Michele, we know two things to be absolute fact. First: The girl is Hollywood's ultimate triple threat. Second: She's got killer eyebrows.

For all things brow-related, the Glee star only trusts celebrity eyebrow expert Stevi Christine. "Honestly I try to never touch my brows and only leave them for Stevi to fix," Lea—who's celeb eyebrow crush is Lily Collins— tells E! News exclusively. And she's not the only one who feels that way—Christine works her magic on many an A-lister including Katy Perry.

Should readers switch brow products (creams, gels, pencil) depending on event, season and brow type?
Especially during summer you should try to stick with waterproof and water-resistant products.

What's the best advice you'd give someone doing their eyebrows themselves?
Less is more…don't overdo it. I feel at some time in our lives we all have over-tweezed.

What are your go-to brow products?
Laura Mercier's duo eyebrow powders are a staple in my kit. I have been using these products for years, along with a diagonal brow brush and of course the wand always comes in handy. After applying powder or pen to fill the brow, I like to brush through with a wand—this assists in creating a more natural appearance. I'm currently in love with clear eyebrow gel it creates a wispy brow, plus helps control the uncontrollable eyebrows. Another must-have is Stila's Waterproof Brow; it's a very light application [product] that provides a wispy brow look. If you are new at filling in your brows, I suggest starting at the arch of the brow (the "highest" most elevated part of your brow) and then fill the rest with a lighter shade. I also suggest taking a few steps away from the mirror to ensure proper fill—you don't want to overdo by looking too close and not seeing the overall effect before walking out your door.

What new brow product are you obsessing over?
My current makeup trend: I'm obviously into a strong brow that enhances the overall appearance of the face and, of course, most of us know the importance our brows hold as they assist in [protecting] the eyes. I think of Madonna in the '80s, Brooke Shields, Cindy Crawford to Cara Delevingne. There's this natural sex appeal and confidence especially because the eyes are the window to the soul, right? Not only do great eyebrows shape your face, they can enhance the color of your eyes and/or lift the brows. I still love a dark brow with lighter hair, but this rule doesn't always apply.

What's the No. 1 no-no when it comes to filling in brows?
I'm not into tattoo brows unless you can find a real artist who understands the natural look of filling brows, [then] I say go for it. But usually the color tends to change over time, which can be rather difficult in camouflaging. I'm usually not a fan of eyebrow pencils either—they tend to be come off a bit "drawn in" and some pencils can actually pull your eyebrow hairs out. I've noticed you'll see some eyebrow hairs that stick to the actual pencil.

what eyebrow trend do you like ontd?
shaved and sprinkled back on? thick paint? triangles? rectangles? i like looking like a human being myself but that's just me
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