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MOKO releases Chase and Status produced track 'YOUR LOVE'

London-based songstress MOKO has three things that all contribute to her sheer awesomeness. The first is of course her wonderful voice.

With an R’N'B aura and a range that is just endless, we know this girl can sing and she can sing well. MOKO‘s dancing takes control in her latest music video and in these circumstances, where videos have no real narrative behind then, dancing is sometimes the only way to express the emotion underneath it all.

The new clip accompanies MOKO‘s track ‘Your Love’ which features her vocals at their strongest. Floating above house synths and a strong beat, MOKO‘s vocals melt across the soundscape and create a smooth atmosphere that has a strong R’n'B influence. In the early 2000′s UK-garage was the dominant genre and if you grew up around that time, you’ll be able to hear it easily in this offering.

The video is quite simple and lets you focus on the music whilst also being able to see what makes MOKO such a unique performer. The video is set in an abandoned warehouse with very dim, green lighting. MOKO dances in the large warehouse with the sassiness every R’n'B girl needs whilst also singing her lovely track and making the simple seem delicate and visually appealing.

‘Your Love’ is to be featured on MOKO‘s forthcoming EP Gold which will be released on August 24, and it looks like the EP will be filled with more than a few great tracks.

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