Katy Perry And Beyonce Have The Biggest Female Albums of 2014

Earlier this year Katy Perry corrected a journalist for London’s Time Out magazine for calling her the biggest pop star in the world. “Beyoncé is the biggest pop star in the world so don’t be blasphemous,” she said at the time. As it turns out, both Katy and the poor journalist were equally correct in crowning the planet’s top star – at least, as far as record sales are concerned they are

According to Nielson Entertainment and Billboard’s official mid-year report, Beyonce’s self-titled visual album is currently the top-selling album from a female artist this year, being beaten only by the Frozen soundtrack.

However, when combining album sales with ‘track equivalent albums’ (meaning that every ten tracks sold equals one album sale), then Perry’s Prism is actually the highest-selling album from a female soloist this year (again, just behind the Frozen soundtrack in overall sales). Lorde’s Pure Heroine is next, and then Beyonce’s album.

Sadly, neither Britney Spears nor Lady Gaga were in the top ten of either chart.

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