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NY Strip Club Offers Melo Free Lap Dances For Life If He Signs With Knicks

Carmelo Anthony has received a ton of offers over the last couple of weeks, but none like this. New York strip club, Scores, has made Melo an offer that would be tough to refuse: free lap dances for life... if he resigns with the Knicks.

According to TMZ, who spoke with Scores New York, the upscale strip joint has promised to give Melo a premium package if he continues to play his home games at Madison Square Garden. The girls better be ready to work, because reports are out that Melo is indeed staying with the Knicks. Tough to turn down $129 million.

The 'Melo Love' package includes;

-- Free lapdances for life.
-- Judging the “Dollars For Scholars” amateur pole dancing competition (15,000 scholarship in his name to the winner.)
-- A new drink called “The Melo Carmelo” to be served in the club forever.
-- His own personal ball girl and cheerleading squad for every Knicks game that would only cheer for Carmelo.
-- A topless charity basketball game in his honor (in which he could play) ... "where holding is not a foul."

As it turns out, Scores NY wasn't the only strip club to make this pitch to Melo; The Admiral Theater in Chicago threw together an equally outrageous package;

-- A life sized portrait of him with various girls at his feet to be on display in the club forever.
-- A LaLa Anthony look-alike contest in the club that Melo and LaLa could judge as a couple.
-- Free driver service to and from the club forever.
-- 3 of the dancers from the club would tattoo 'Carmelo Anthony' on their bodies (they really said this).

the chicago one : shedontloveherself.gif
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