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'Finding Carter' premiere: Did MTV find a hit with the new kidnapping drama?

The new drama hit the ground running, introducing Carter Stevens and her seemingly perfect life with her mother Lori, cool friends and alternative boyfriend, before it all imploded after a chance arrest tips off the FBI that Carter is actually Linden, a girl that was abducted when she was three years old.

Carter obviously has no memory of her former life, and just wants to go home to her mother ... but her mother isn't her actual mother, and the only home she knows is gone for good as "Lori Stevens" goes on the run from the feds again. Carter is then reintroduced to her real family, the people she's never met before, and that's when "Finding Carter" gets really interesting.

First, there's Carter's new mother Elizabeth, a cop hunting Lori down with a personal vendetta against the woman who ruined her family. You see, after she lost her daughter, her marriage became strained to the point where she started sleeping with her partner. Now that Carter's back, Elizabeth wants to fix her family, but her partner breaks out the "L" word, so expect this affair to cause problems down the road. Then there's Carter's new father David, a man who made his living penning a bestseller about the family's ordeal going through "Losing Linden," and now, facing bankruptcy, he must make a decision over whether or not to write a follow-up to cash in on the public's interest, even though Carter asked him not to.

Can you imagine finding out you have a twin you never knew about? That's another complicated new relationship Carter is facing, meeting her twin Taylor for the first time. And seeing how the guy Taylor's been crushing on for years takes an immediate liking to Carter, these sisters aren't going to be bonding anytime soon. But at least Carter and her younger brother Grant bonded instantly, although it was over how they both destroyed Elizabeth: Carter with being abducted and presumed dead, and Grant by being born severely premature.

But perhaps the most intriguing part of "Finding Carter" is how Lori isn't set up to the be the villain that abducted a child all those years ago. After Lori sneaks in to see Carter at her new job, she pleads with Carter not to hate her. "There are things you need to know," she says, and though Carter desperately wants to hear the truth, she has to sneak her "mother" out before Elizabeth catches Lori and arrests her. What reasons could Lori have had to steal her neighbor's daughter way back when? Was there a legitimate reason, or is Lori a criminal that destroyed a family for her own gain?

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