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Lady Gaga goes to Vapour Central in Toronto, dabs

Employees at a Toronto cannabis lounge had to take a few deep breaths when Lady Gaga walked into Vapor Central at Yonge & College on Tuesday.

The pop superstar was in the area checking out a hemp store when word spread of her appearance.

“I politely introduced myself and [invited her] to come over and do a dab” said Kayla Baptiste, manager of the popular cannabis-friendly vaporizing lounge.

A ‘dab’ is a concentrated form of THC which is like “smoking a whole joint in one go”, explained Kayla.

The Bad Romance singer, accompanied by a small entourage which included her sister and a bodyguard, was given the superstar cannabis treatment.

“She smoked first, then I smoked after…then we passed it on to some employees and lounge regulars” Kayla said.

“She got pretty high”.

Wearing a long, flower-adorned kimono and sunglasses, Gaga complimented the lounge, remarking “we don’t have anything like this in America.”

Kayla says Gaga was impressed by the quality of the pot, saying it was “lovely” and “tasted good”.

“She offered to pay but we refused. We were giving her a token of appreciation for taking the time to hang out with us.”

After spending close to half an hour relaxing in the lounge, Gaga left Kayla a Versace buckle as a token of her appreciation and signed the wall with ‘Mary Jane Holland was here. Love, Gaga’.

Mary Jane Holland is a song on Gaga’s latest album, ArtPop.


Source: NewsTalk 1010
Tags: drugs / alcohol, lady gaga, music / musician (pop)

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