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Leave It To Bieber '14: Charged With Misdemeanour Vandalism!

The Canadian pop star is also in trouble with police in Florida and Toronto
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Canadian pop star Justin Bieber will be charged with misdemeanour vandalism in connection with the egging of his neighbour's home, say prosecutors.

A spokeswoman says the singer will not be in court for the hearing on Wednesday afternoon.

Bieber, 20, faces two other criminal cases in Florida and Toronto.

Investigators searched Bieber's Calabasas, California home in January searching for evidence after the egging apparently caused serious damage.

One of the singer's friends was arrested on drug possession charges after that search.

The LA County Sheriff's Office say they were looking for surveillance video tapes when they spotted the drugs "in plain view".

Surveillance footage seized from the home appears to show Bieber high-fiving friends and celebrating after throwing eggs at his neighbour's home, police said.

The pop star could have faced a more serious felony charge if the damage to the home was greater than $20,000 (£11,670).

Two previous investigations into Bieber's conduct by the sheriff's department have not led to charges.

Prosecutors declined to charge him last year after a neighbour complained he drove recklessly through the area, and in November 2012 after a paparazzi photographer accused Bieber of assault.

Meanwhile, Miami authorities have charged him with driving under the influence and driving without a valid licence. That trial is set for July.

And Toronto prosecutors have accused Bieber of assaulting a limo driver in December.


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