Emmys 2014: 'Shameless' Emmy Rossum and Jeremy Allen White deserve nominations


With the 2014 Emmy Awards nominations due to be announced on July 10, Zap2it is making cases for the actors and shows that deserve some awards love, but would be surprising -- and therefore very exciting -- nominees.

Those who watch Showtime's "Shameless" might be shocked to learn this, but the only Emmy nomination the series has ever gotten was for Outstanding Guest Actress for Joan Cusack. The cast, and the show itself, have gone without recognition. If ever there was a time to correct that mistake, it's following Season 4.

While William H. Macy is the most recognizable member of the cast, it's Emmy Rossum and Jeremy Allen White who deserve recognition for the crushing emotion they both showcased throughout the season. With Macy's Frank on his death bed, Rossum's character took over as the member of the Gallagher family falling from grace, eventually ending up in jail after allowing her youngest brother to ingest cocaine. Watching her slowly become the thing she's always hates, her father, was almost too much to take.

That left Lip (White) to come to the forefront as the one taking care of his family, and attempt to shake Fiona out of her wayward ways. That led to a series of truly heartbreaking moments between the two. Fiona has a hard time taking responsibility for her actions, leading Lip to face the possibility of his college dream slipping away.

While "Shameless" is more than deserving of nominations for these two, and the show as a whole, it faces a tough road. If anything is working against the show, it's the decision to compete in the comedy category, rather than drama. While the Showtime series is full of funny moments, Season 4 was by far the least comedic yet. Competing against shows like "The Big Bang Theory" and "Modern Family," a show like "Shameless" is has a steep uphill battle ahead.

That all said, Rossum and White should be recognized for what they showed in Season 4. Now the Emmy voters just need to agree. Besides, just think about how entertaining Rossum's acceptance speech could be, should she pull out a win. An Emmy for Emmy? That writes itself.


What the fuck does Noel Fisher gotta do to get an Emmy up in this bitch? Poor bb gives the performance of a lifetime and y'all can't even give his Canadian ass a shout out? He gotta be a Ninja Turtle instead? Yo, that shit ain't right.