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Halle Berry Sparks Pregnancy Rumors While Out With Baby Maceo

It seems as though it was only a few weeks ago that Halle Berry gave birth to baby Maceo, and already he’s becoming quite the little charmer. But is another baby on the way?

The 47-year-old actress was spotted out and about in maternity-style clothes while running errands this week and sporting what looks to be a baby bump. Rumors and reports ran rampant that she may be expecting her third child, however, it’s her character on the CBS thriller ‘Extant’ who is actually pregnant with a mystery baby. In a nutshell, she’s not expecting.

Earlier this year, Halle revealed that before she had Maceo, she didn’t think she could get pregnant again due to her age.

"They call it a geriatric pregnancy. I was, you know, on my way… this is probably TMI (too much information), but I was really kinda premenopausal so to have this happen was a huge (shock). I mean, I didn’t think it was possible to have another baby and I thought for sure I had a need to never get married again. So I’ve learned never to say never.

Nahla prayed and prayed for like a year and a half for a baby and a bunk bed, and she got both of those things. Only her prayers could have done this. I didn’t think it was possible at my age, honestly."

In other news, you can catch Halle rolling around and having fun with Jimmy Fallon last night:


ngl, just posted these cuz her bb so is so this the first time we're seeing him? ontd, do you think halle and olivier martinez are gonna last?

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