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Sailor Moon Crystal's first episode viewed over one million times in first two days

The first episode of the highly-anticipated Sailor Moon Crystal, the first anime series in 17 years since Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars in 1996-1997, was premiered on various streaming sites worldwide including Crunchyroll on July 5. It was confirmed on July 7 that the episode has been viewed/visited more than one million times on Nico Nico Douga, which is streaming the series in 12 foreign languages, by the evening of the day. In its live-broadcasting on July 5, the Japanese video (with no subtitles) were viewed by 267,708 people with 156,854 comments. As of this writing (10:00 am July 8/JST), the most viewed foreign language video is the English subtitled version viewed 46,588 times with 2,212 comments. Check the viewed numbers on Nico Nico Douga in each languages below.

we did it, kidsCollapse )

KEEP IT UP, GUYS! This is how we'll get more seasons and quality DVD/Blu-Ray releases.
Tags: anime / manga, sailor moon

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