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Kate Upton Launches Express Campaign in Times Square


Connecting with industry peers, Kate Upton hosted the launch of her new Express modeling campaign at the Express store in Times Square, New York City today (July 8).

Joined by Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Amy Astley, the buxom blonde smiled for the cameras in a black and white top with jeans.

Kate previously told press, "I grew up wearing EXPRESS jeans. When I'm not dressing for the red carpet, I love to dress up in a pair of great fitting jeans and boots. It's my go-to look."

Meanwhile, during the “A Date with Denim and Kate Upton” shindig today, the first 25 customers who spend $200 or more will get a meet and greet with Kate including a photo!

Kate Upton: "I Think a Lot of People Try Too Hard""Whenever you're like, 'I wanna dress sexy,' that's a bad place to start from."


Earlier today, Kate Upton sat down with at the unveiling of her new campaign for Express to talk fashion, acting, Cameron Diaz, and the trick to feeling majorly confident in any outfit.

What is the key to looking sexy without looking like you're trying too hard?

Feeling confident. I think whatever you're putting out into the room is actually what people are looking at. They're not really dissecting your outfit. My mom always told me when I walk into a room to always smile because it puts everybody at ease, and it makes you feel at ease as well.

What have you learned about dressing from red carpets and modeling that you didn't know before?

When you're getting ready for an event there are a lot of opinions being thrown at you, and you kind of just have to focus on what you like. I know that other women can relate to that because a lot of times friends or your boyfriend will have an opinion on what you wear, but it should be about how you feel because you have to wear it the whole night.

Is comfort important when you're getting dressed for a big event?

Beauty is pain.

Does that mean you'll do whatever it takes to get the best look?

Well, pain for like an hour and then I have to take the heels off and get into my PJs.

Is there a mistake you see a lot of young women making when they try to dress sexy?

I think a lot of people try too hard. Whenever you're like, "I wanna dress sexy," that's a bad place to start from. You should think, "I feel sexy, so what should I wear?"

What makes a really great pair of jeans?

The fit, feeling confident, feeling like you look good. I like to accentuate my legs. I'm wearing these high-rise Express jeans right now, but they have a mid-rise I really love.

Who do you think does sexy the right way?

Cameron Diaz has this effortless sexy style, and Kate Hudson, Kate Moss …

You were recently in The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz. Did that give you the acting bug?

Yeah, I loved it. I took lessons for two years before I took the part and I still continue taking lessons and learning more about the art. I think that it's cool to learn a completely new industry. I didn't ever think I would have this amazing opportunity to pursue acting, but when I was younger I definitely had it in my mind that I wanted to try it.

What kind of guidance have you received as an actress? Do you have any mentors?

Nobody really helps you whenever you start modeling — you're 15 and you're traveling everywhere and you're just trying to figure it out. It's funny to read, like, "Oh, she took a different path," because no one really gave me a path in modeling, I just guessed and it worked out. But in acting, I thought it would be the same and I was getting ready for the adventure, but meeting Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, they were just so welcoming and they took me under their wings and taught me everything.

Have you kept your relationship with them going?

Yeah, we're still friends, and any question I have, I know that I can call either of them up. They're really amazing in that way.


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