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JLaw, Marion Cotillard, Charlize Theron & Zhang Ziyi at Dior Fall 2014 HC Show

With Monday’s Dior show, Paris Fashion Week is officially in full swing. To quote SNL’s Stefon, it had everything: a giant wall of Diorchids, skirts so big they made famed fashion blogger Leandra Medine comment “baby does got back,” seating in the round at the Musée Rodin, and last but not least, an appearance by three of their best-loved representatives/spokesmodels, Marion Cotillard, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, and two of their favorite frequent flyers (or rather, wearers) Emma Watson and Zhang Ziyi.

The show itself may have been the epitome of gorgeousness. Models walked the runway in delicately detailed tones of blush, cream, and black, in every silhouette from classic gamine-esque suits to to ultra-feminine winter coats to voluminous old-world ball gowns all surrounded by thousands (if not millions) of white orchids. Yes, it was quite the sight for sore eyes, and as you can imagine, and ultra well-dressed movie stars did little to hurt the tableau.

Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard always seems to be wearing the very best from each of Dior’s shows (recently, she stunned in an edgy navy blue number at the 2014 Met Gala), and this was no exception. She looked absolutely flawless in a slightly-edited look from Dior’s Resort 2014 collection:

The dress originally went down the runway in white, but Cotillard is completely owning the look in Parisian black! Her point-toe pumps, sleek updo, and natural makeup let her outfit really shine. (Also, check out that Zhang Ziyi photobomb!)

Charlize Theron, Griphook Penn

She’s looking stunning in a high-impact metallic mini-dress, of course! (With quite the assist from Sean Penn, I might add).

Emma Watson

Emma’s dress was… a risk (hey it is from the spring 2014 couture show). With that said, I think she’s pulling it off with more aplomb than most could ever hope for. Also, love her shoes.

Tan Mom

Jennifer is quickly becoming famous for her Dior missteps! Not that there’s anything wrong with this look… it’s just a little on the apron-y side, and her bronzer is frankly kind of scary. Though, like Emma, her shoes are fab.

Zhang Ziyi

I don’t think anyone could do Dior more classily than Zhang Ziyi (though that dress looks awfully hot for July!)

Whew — now let’s hold onto our hats, and hope the rest of Paris Fashion Week goes this fabulously.

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