Strumpet (oblivious_frog) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

iamamiwhoami Announce New Audiovisual Album, BLUE!

Early this morning iamamowhoamisent out an email to fans who had donated to their Generate project alerting them of a new album and thanking them for their contributions. The new album entitled BLUE, will be released on November 10th 2014!

"to exist we need to be able to create independently without compromising our artistic beliefs. we introduced GENERATE as a plausible path.
a way for you to contribute without middle hand.
a way for us to tell the story as it is intended.

you have together with others generated the visual episodes of “hunting for pearls” and “vista”.

today we announce the forthcoming release of iamamiwhoami’s third audiovisual album BLUE. released November 10 2014 on To whom it may concern in exclusive digital and physical editions."

Source + my email.
I can't wait! November is way too far away!!
Also to answer the most common answers in these posts: 1. Yes, they're still a thing and people like them. 2. Yes, we all remember when people thought this was Christina Aguilera.
Tags: iamamiwhoami, music / musician (electronic), new music post

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