Brazil federation encourages fans to wear unsettling Neymar mask to World Cup semifinal

Though Neymar won't be able to play in Brazil's semifinal against Germany, the country's federation is supporting a campaign to make sure their opponents still fear his presence. A Brazilian couple came up with the idea to start a campaign to get fans to wear Neymar masks to the game using the hashtag #somostodosneymar (we are all Neymar). They enlisted an advertising agency to help spread the word and it has quickly gained support, even from the Brazilian football federation.

The knee to the back that fractured Neymar's vertebra, bringing a premature end to his World Cup in the final minutes of Brazil's quarterfinal win over Colombia, has largely overshadowed the host nation's victory. In fact, the squad was so upset about the loss of their leading scorer and undisputed icon that the team psychologist has been tasked with helping them cope. So while the real Neymar will only be at the semifinal in spirit, his paper, empty-eyed visage will likely fill the stands.

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screaming tbh lmaooooo that is creepy af. cant wait to see the stands tomorrow