floating_points (Dominic A. Martin) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Dominic A. Martin

Chris Malinchak (feat. Mikky E.) - Stranger [Official Video]

Breakout disco house maven Chris Malinchak rounded up New York's finest (and we don't mean cops) for one very strange house party in the video for his recent ode to anonymity, Stranger.

"Mad" Malinchak, as Pete Tong likes to call him, enlists the help of a hypnotically beautiful woman to captivate and recruit a wide range of quirky locals for his party--disco-hating punks, pimps and their transsexual hookers, double Dutch divas, they're all there--and none can resist the Madman's confoundingly catchy groove with Mikky Ekko's soothing vocals.

Tags: music / musician (electronic), music / musician (pop), music / musician (producers), music video, new music post

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