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30 (5) things to know about upcoming WWII film "FURY" + International Trailer

About the Characters of Fury:
Brad Pitt plays Wardaddy and is the tank commander.
Shia LaBeouf plays Bible, who prior to joining the Army was in seminary school.
Michael Pena plays Gordo. He’s a Mexican-American kid from Chicago.
Jon Bernthal plays Coonass who’s from Arkansas. Producer John Lesher calls him “a southern salt of the earth kind of guy.”
Logan Lerman plays the new kid, Norman, and he’s the Assistant Gunner but was initially trained to be a typist. He’s from Pittsburg, has never been inside a tank before, and he doesn’t know anything about tanks when he arrives. During the movie, which is essentially through his eyes, we witness his coming-of-age as he experiences love and loss.

What the Cast Did to Get Ready:
The actors did a week long boot camp that was 24 hours a day to get ready for their roles, and they were trained by real military personal. The boot camp was not easy as they trained with weapons and learned to fight. I heard from one of the actors it was one of the hardest things he’s ever done. Director David Ayer described it thusly: “There was no ‘Hey, let’s give the actors a break’ stuff. It was fully full-on. It was incredibly intense psychologically and, at the end of the day, it wasn’t about, ‘Let’s all learn to be soldiers’. It was about making these guys bond as a family by putting them through one of the more intense experiences of their lives together.”

The production had four World War II soldiers meet with the actors behind closed doors with no press or production people. The soldiers told the actors what it was really like, and also answered any questions the actors had.

30 5 Things to Know About the Movie and Production:
• Brad Pitt signed first and then Shia LaBeouf. Once those two signed on, the producers took the film to the studios on a Monday and by Tuesday night every studio wanted it but Disney. Ultimately the deal was made with Sony.
• Ayer says it’s a very unapologetic look at the war at the end. He’s not trying to make it romantic like a lot of war movies.
The movie takes place in one day from morning to dusk. It takes place about four weeks before the end of the war.
• We learn about the world of Fury through the eyes of Logan Lerman’s character. He joins the group near the beginning of the film and it’s a personal journey from boy to man. The two biggest roles in the film are Brad Pitt and Lerman. Ayer said it was very important that the person who played Lerman’s role be the right age for the character.
• Ayer is making Fury on film and using anamorphic lenses.

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