The Bachelorette- Final 4

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)  Andi’s emotionally charged, whirlwind world tour to find love comes back to the U.S. as she travels to visit Nick, Chris, Josh and Marcus in their hometowns. Her spirit and resilience is about to be severely tested by the men’s loved ones as she tries to figure out if she can love more than one man at a time. Are all of these bachelors ready to be married? Andi will try and find out from the people who know them best, as she visits the families and hometowns of the remaining men. However, the fantasy is interrupted by a real-life tragedy as the group learns about Eric Hill’s heartbreaking fatal accident, on “The Bachelorette,” MONDAY, JULY 7.

Andi starts her hometown visits in Milwaukee where Nick, who has been one of her favorites since the first night, treats her to a true taste of the city, complete with a tour of a brewery, sipping a special beer named after the couple and some energetic polka dancing. But the real test will be when Andi is introduced to Nick’s very large family – all 17 of them. Nick is so devoted to his parents and 10 siblings that he is intent on getting their approval before he tells Andi he loves her and wants to spend a lifetime with her. She is even grilled by Nick’s nine-year-old sister. Will Andi be able to secure the approval of all these family members?
Next, Andi travels to Arlington, Iowa — population less than 800 — to visit Chris, the handsome and extremely successful farmer. Andi is enchanted by the serene beauty of the Iowa countryside and the pair enjoy a tractor ride and a romantic picnic in the middle of a cornfield. There, they discuss what their future might be like together. Chris has a wonderful surprise for Andi to confirm his feelings for her. This bachelor’s fun-loving family envelopes her with small town hospitality, sharing a laugh-filled evening of childhood memories and a game of hide and seek. Chris’ family is more than Andi could have hoped for, but what does she really feel about swapping city life for country living?

Andi heads south to Tampa to visit Josh’s family. They enjoy a flirtatious afternoon playing baseball at his childhood field that was filled with future championship dreams. However, Andi learns that underneath that confidence Josh seems to exude, is pain from unfulfilled dreams. After five years of struggling, Josh quit professional sports to devote more time to his family – and in particular his younger brother, who now has been drafted into the NFL. Although she is touched by his commitment to his brother, Andi is concerned that he might not make the time necessary to make a relationship his number one priority. That anxiety deepens when she meets his family who is clearly dedicated to the pro football career of Josh’s brother. Where does Andi fit into this family picture and Josh’s life?

For her final hometown visit, Andi journeys to Dallas, where Marcus has a special surprise waiting for her upon her arrival. Marcus’ loving and supportive family is anxious for Andi to join them. For her part, Andi is wondering if she will be able to catch up with the deep feelings Marcus has showed her, making it clear that she is the love of his life.

All four men and their families have touched Andi’s heart. As she heads back to Los Angeles, she is on cloud nine. But she and the four remaining bachelors are met with the most shocking news of the season: the tragic death of Eric Hill from a paragliding accident. Andi struggles to put on a brave face and along with the shaken men, as they push through the most emotional rose ceremony of the season. Tonight, Andi says a heartbreaking good-bye to one stunned bachelor. The Bachelorette and the final three men prepare to leave for their last stop, the tropical island of the Dominican Republic.