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BAMF! The 15 Best Battle Exclamations in the Marvel Universe

With great power comes great responsibility, and with great characters come great catchphrases, usually invented by Stan Lee. Especially when beating up the bad guys! Here, the fifteen best examples in Marveldom. Did your fave make the cut...?

for asgard
"For Asgard"
said by: Thor, Odin, Warriors Three, etc

Serviceable, but a little basic. Hear it in both Thor movies, once before they beat up the Frost Giants and once by Superior Fandral Zachary Levi.

by the goddess
"Goddess" or "By the goddess"
said by: Storm

Storm is not a servant of the patriarchy and she lets you know it, especially when she's beating you up.

blue blazes
"Blue blazes"
said by: Nova (Richard Rider)

Nova has seen some shit in his time. Sometimes a "blue blazes!" is all you can manage when you see entire planets getting eaten by the Annihilation Wave.

"Galactus must feed"
said by: Galactus

And sometimes you need to remind entire planets of the circle of life while you're eating them.

"Hail Hydra"
said by: Red Skull, every member of Hydra

By far the most famous villainous exclamation (besides Doom talking about himself in the third person). You might have heard it recently in that movie about the guy with the shield.

i am groot
"I am Groot"
said by: Groot

This is Groot's "omelette du fromage." From sweet nothing to battle cry, "I am Groot" says it all.

sweet christmas
"Christmas" or "Sweet Christmas"
said by: Luke Cage

Just because Luke Cage is gonna beat your ass doesn't mean he needs to take the Lord's name in vain while doing so!

stars and garters
"Oh my stars and garters"
said by: Beast

The best part of that X-Men movie that doesn't exist is Kelsey Grammer's flawless performance of Beast, including his delivery of this very classy interjection.

flame on
"Flame on"
said by: The Human Torch (Johnny Storm)

The last thing you will hear before you become crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. Chrevans shouted it gamely back when he was in Bad Superhero Movies.

imperius rex
"Imperius Rex"
said by: Namor

Perhaps the quintessential Marvel battle cry: it sounds cool, doesn't actually mean anything, and Namor yells it while punching stupid lung-men in the face.

hoary hosts
Everything Doctor Strange says
said by... Doctor Strange

Stan Lee really went nuts with the Saucerer Supreme. From "by the crimson bands of Cyttorak" to "by the fangs of Farallah," magic spells and shocked interjections are one and the same for Doctor Strange. He has at least thirty examples. LAWD

to me, my x-men
"To me, my X-Men"
said by: Professor X, X-Men team leaders

A relic of a bygone age, perhaps, this battle cry is nevertheless legendary for Xavier's uncanny students, especially when the chips are down.

"It's clobberin' time"
said by: Thing

Iconic. Iconic to the point of being overused, but who cares. When it's time for clobberin', it's everloving clobberin' time, you know? Also remarkable because Thing has a number of catchphrases, from references to his sweet aunt Petunia and Yancy Street to the color of his eyes, but this one obviously trumps them all.

"Avengers Assemble"
said by: Captain America, all the Avengers (but never Spider-Man)

GASP NUMBER TWO? That's just how it is. First and most often cried by Cap to let the Avengers know it's clobberin' time, has since been said by basically every member ever during crises varying from alien invasions to a baby's birth. Except for Spider-Man, who never gets to say it and is frustrated by this fact.

But what could be number one?...

"Hulk smash"
said by: Hulk

A not-so-narrow victory for Holku's most famous angry exclamation (he has many, e.g. "Hulk the strongest one there is"). And Hulk smashes many things, most of them puny, with great satisfaction. Ironically first introduced to the greater moviegoing public by Captain America instead, as a fairly straightforward battle command, in "The Avengers."

HONORABLE MENTION: "Excelsior!" (Stan Lee)
Of course Stan Lee took the best one for himself.

DISHONORABLE MENTION: "Murdered you" (Rocket Raccoon)
Stop trying to make this happen, Brian Michael Bendis.

Source: My sweet aunt Petunia's rolodex

I disagree with this entire list tbh!!
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