Tyler Hoechlin Shuts Down Sterek Shippers

Tyler Hoechlin was asked about Sterek at the Teen Wolf Con in Paris yesterday and this was his response:

Q: "Do you ship Sterek? It’s Stiles and Derek."

Tyler: "Oh, Sterek! Uhm, I will say this, and I mean, I know, I’m glad you guys actually… Because I wanna say, I know that’s like a big, like, a fan fic thing, I know that everybody, kind of, kind of, everybody talks about that.

But for me, personally, just because I have so much respect for Derek as the character and for Stiles as the character that… for me, it’s like, to live in that, or to really think about that… I… just for me, personally, as the actor playing the character… I feel like I would be disrespecting the character, so I don’t really entertain it, or even think about it, just because for me, it’s such a separate thing, it has… it doesn’t really have anything to do with what happens on the show.

So because it doesn’t have anything to do with that… I guess I don’t have any thoughts on it, because, it’s… to me… It’s those characters are their own people… Uhm.. And, so it’s, it’s not a, it’s not disrespect, it’s not anything like that. I understand, I don’t personally understand… It… Completely. Um, I appreciate it. [laughter] You guys do what you wanna do. But to me it’s just like, I see the characters for who they really, actually are in the show, so it’s nothing to do with the work that I do. So that’s the only reason why I don’t really think about it.”