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Taryn Manning vs alleged stalker: Twitter War Edition

Sooo... after the news about Heller's arrest yesterday this happened.

Jeanine Heller @JeanineHeller • 4h
Don't believe anything you hear - the truth will come out - note to self, don't date crazy people w/ no moral compass.

Jeanine Heller @JeanineHeller • 7m
Wishes are blessings  not ex-treme horror stories  #clowns

Jeanine Heller @JeanineHeller • 1m
The truth always finds light in the end. Current #lies will be uncovered. Trust. right now it's shhhh unlike the 1 w loose Lips sinkin

Retweeted by Jeanine Heller Positive Vibes @positivevibe101 • 2m
If I could unmeet some people....... I would.

Retweeted by Jeanine Heller Spiritual Truths @TheGodLight • 4h
Everything makes sense in the end, the truth speaks loudest long after the opinions & presumptions of others have died away.

Jeanine Heller @JeanineHeller
Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who say it, unless it agrees with reason & common sense" bc currently the truth is missing

Jeanine Heller @JeanineHeller • 6 min
So much I wish I say right now. I'm confident that the real #truth will come out in the end.

Jeanine Heller @JeanineHeller • 2h
Have a great weekend my sis @kdheller - see u when u r back. love you thx for always being there thru ex-treme times

Jeanine Heller @JeanineHeller • 8m
@kellyy27 haha - yea about as straight as a coiled snake

Jeanine Heller @JeanineHeller · 3m
Hacked :-( seriously

Jeanine Heller @JeanineHeller · now
Kinda creeps when you wake to [flowers] & "I'm sorry" note. please leave me alone. Move on to the nEXt #GoAway - stop w the lies. #whodoesthat

Jeanine Heller ‏@JeanineHeller
Changing passwords yet again - #sosh this is getting really old. #hackgate enough is enough.

Jeanine Heller @JeanineHeller · 23s
A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on ~ winston Churchill #quotes

3 hours ago
Happy Freedom Day no Ex-cuse not to have fun and blow it out! Can't wait to see @emmacat and love my fudge @superfudgethegreat see you tomorrow @realleadelaria and rock with you later in bed @chrisbdj pow pow!

3 hours ago
Send yourself flowers, always cheers me up.

Since deleted:

tarynmanning ‏@TarynManning 18 min
@OhNooYouDidnt no just finally allowed to pop off after months of abuse. Feels great. Call me crazy or call me pissed. Stupid #chicks

tarynmanning @TarynManning · 14m
@OhNooYouDidnt I didn't send anyone flowers, I've been in bed humping my BF all day in between tweets. He brought me flowers tho. Sweetie

Jeanine Heller @JeanineHeller · 43s
Wow I know some people have no moral compass but wow, perjury. thank god a puzzle piece came together today. All this bc I moved on? Why?

hmmmmmmmmmmmmt.... my professional opinion:
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Tags: orange is the new black (netflix)

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