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10 Celebrities In Really Bad American Flag-Inspired Outfits: Happy July 4th!


It’s July 4th—time for backyard barbecues, concerts and fireworks. It’s also a time when folks trot out their red-white-and-blue ensembles in a bid to look patriotic. Now, Betsy Ross was a hell of a dame but her flag doesn’t exactly lend itself to the world of fashion.

Below, we call out ten celebrities who did their country a disservice when they slapped on the old Stars and Stripes.

Halle Berry and Meryl Streep

We never thought we’d see Best Actress winners Halle Berry and Meryl Streep in a “Who Wore It Better” spread—and certainly not in something that looks like a tablecloth from a Bicentennial clearance sale. Actually the two stars wore Catherine Malandrino’s American flag dress nearly a decade apart— Berry when she was promoting Swordfish at the Deauville Film Festival in 2001, and Streep at the Paris premiere of Doubt in 2009.

Justin Timberlake

J-Tims was still in ‘N SYNC when this photo was snapped, so we’ll write it off to a youthful indiscretion.

Solange Knowles

Oh, Solange. You could set fire to those short-shorts and you’d still be in Beyoncé’s shadow.


But don’t feel too bad, Solange—even Bey took a misttep with these pants.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is the queen of stars-and-stripes outfits. Well, not “queen”—this is America, after all— maybe the duly-elected official of American flag costumes. But granny panties, high-waisted rhinestone shorts and shapeless ponchos do nothing for your normally flawless figure, Katy. At least the Uncle Sam/Union Jack combo dress encourages international relations. (Though Perry probably burned it after she divorced Russell Brand.)


ONTD what are you doing on Independence Day?
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