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Ben Savage comes full circle with spin off

Ben Savage says that when production wrapped on "Boy Meets World" in 2000 after seven seasons, he and his young co-stars were ready to expand their own worlds.

"I think at that point all the kids on the show were kind of looking forward to the next step in their lives," the 33-year-old actor said. "'Boy Meets World' was really our childhood, and so when it ended, the cast was ready to say, 'OK, let's see what's next.'"

He didn't have a clue "that 12 years later I'd be sitting at home and get a phone call saying we're starting again."

"It's kind of like this nostalgic, deja vu thing for me," Savage said. "Every day I get to work ... I see so many of the same faces that I spent my entire childhood with. ... It's like you're re-creating your childhood. Not many people get to do that."

Blanchard describes Riley as "Cory's kid," who will have "countless resemblances" to her TV dad.

Word traveled fast among pop culture enthusiasts and fans of the original series after "Girl Meets World" was announced. With the attention came scrutiny.

"'Boy Meets World' was one of those shows people grew up with and felt very connected to," Savage said. "They're very concerned about 'Girl Meets World,' and they're not shy about letting us know."

He thinks fans of the original series won't be disappointed.

"It's not just retelling the same story. It's retelling a similar story but in a much more complicated world."

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this show is truly garbage right now with the terrible actors and forced cheesy what did you learns at the end

but maya is v awesome at least
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