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So You Think You Can Dance Season 11: Top 20 Perform

Brooklyn Fullmer & Serge Onik (Ballroom)

Emily James & Casey Askew (Contemporary)

Valerie Rockey & Zack Everhart, Jr. (Tap)

I really enjoyed this routine and hope one of them makes Top 10

Bridget Whitman & Stanley Glover (Contemporary)

Stanley's amazing but he's going to lose to Ricky and Rudy's personalities.

Jourdan Epstein & Jacque LeWarne (Ballet)

TWINS! It won't help that they look exactly like each other.

Malene Ostergaard & Marquet Hill (Ballroom)

Rudy Abreu & Carly Blaney (Contemporary)

Not feeling that haircut tho

Emilio Dosal & Teddy Coffey (Hip Hop)

Jessica Richen & Ricky Ubeda (Contemporary)

Looks like their hyping Ricky as the frontrunner this season

Tanisha Belnap & Nick Garcia (Ballroom)

Some final thoughts:
- I can't tell the difference between most of the girls.
- Lots of ballroom dancers this year so hopefully we get some awesome ballroom routines.
- I'm on the fence about lack of hip hop dancers this year. On one hand, I like that we won't have repeats of a hip hop dancer moving forward due to his/her personality alone (*cough* Cyrus) but that means we probably won't have very many good hip hop routines.

Sources: All vids from this Youtube Channel

Tags: so you think you can dance (fox)

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