Vikings Season 3 Casting!


History has cast some new additions for season three of its hit scripted series “Vikings.”


Ben Robson (Dracula: The Dark Prince) will play Kalf, Lagertha’s trusted second in command. And potentially her love interest as recently, during a Gold Derby Google+ Hangout, Winnick revealed what’s in store for her character come Season 3 – you know, in the romance department. “I just read the new script last night,” she explained, adding that Season 3 is currently in the works. “There is interest.”

The shieldmaiden went on to explain that whoever the mystery man is, Lagertha will be showing some curiosity. “I think Ragnar is also in the picture and I guess you’re going to have to wait and see!”
Originally we speculated that this meant Lagertha and Ragnar would get back together in Season 3, but now we suspect our fierce fighter may be giving her ex-husband a taste of his own medicine when the adorable Kalf makes his way to Kattegat.


Kevin Durand (Lost, X-Men Origins: Wolverine), who fans can see later this summer in FX's The Strain, has joined the cast as The Wanderer, a mysterious man who is not what he seems.


Lothaire Bluteau (The Tudors, Black Robe) will play Emperor Charles of France, a powerful man who views battling the Vikings as spiritual and earthly.


Morgane Polanski (the ghost) will portray Princess Gisla, the elegant, self-possessed daughter of Emperor Charles and his most trusted advisor.

Source: ign ibtimes

Thoughts? Sorry there's not a lot of info here, it's all I could find on casting.