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Sims 4 Roundup

  • Caterer Service- Caterers can be hired for parties.

  • Camera Zoom- You can still zoom in and out, but not as far as in TS3.

  • Tattoo- Sims can apply tattoos in CAS, but there is no tattoo artist Sim like in TS3 Ambitions.

  • Cheats- There will be a “variety” of cheats, including a money one.

  • Required Objects- Community lots have required objects to function. When you pick a lot type, the game will tell you what objects are required for that lot type.

  • Fire Changes- Fire can now pass through walls.

  • Online Dating- There is no online dating, but Sims can use the computer to write love letters.

  • Emotional Tiers- Grant Rodiek mentioned that Sims can die of laughter if they are in the “third tier of Playful”, which seems to mean that each emotion has three levels of intensity, the third being the most extreme.

  • Chance Cards- Chance cards will appear when Sims are at work, like in TS3.

  • Mixology- It is a skill and a branch of the Culinary career.

  • New Notification System- The icons are much more interactive now; not only can you click them to move your camera to a Sim, but you can actually lock your camera on any Sim (or even an object) with them. The icons can also open various pieces of UI. For example, if you got a notification saying that your Sim’s skill leveled up, you could click it as a shortcut to switch to that Sim and open their skill panel. Best of all, there’s now a notification wall that stores all of your messages as they come in. You can scroll through a history of your past 200 notifications, and all of the messages have a timestamp on them. You can view your notification wall anywhere throughout the game and it’s unique per save file.

  • Emotion/Moodlet Relationship- Emotions are caused by moodlets; moodlets don’t do anything other than combine to form emotions. You could have two Energized moodlets and one Inspired moodlet, and the sum total of the strength of those moodlets would determine your Sim’s current emotion. If each of the Energized moodlets were +5 Energized, and the Inspired moodlet was +20, your Sim would be feeling Inspired because it’s their current strongest emotion. Anytime a moodlet is added or removed the game recalculates them to determine what emotion your Sim is in.

  • Food Shopping- There are no grocery stores in TS4. Food is unlimited.

  • Story Progression- If you want unplayed families to continue beyond their current generation, you’ll need to try for a baby with them or play as them. Families will no longer spontaneously move away, form relationships, get promotions, or have children.

  • Accidental Death- Death will not happen accidentally in TS4. Death by starvation  for example, has been tuned so that the player would have to intentionally kill their Sim.

  • Sickness and Disease- There are no illnesses or diseases in TS4.

  • Lot Limits- Lots are a maximum of three floors, and the biggest lot size is 50x50.

  • Time Passage- Time moves a bit more slowly, giving Sims more time in the day to accomplish things.
  • Tram and Steamboats- The tram and steamboats in Willow Creek are not functional or interactive. They are for decoration only.

  • House Level Limit- All houses are still limited to three stories/levels/floors

  • Decorative Lots- Many buildings in Willow Creek are for decoration and cannot be visited or interacted with at all. They are like rabbit holes but Sims cannot enter them.

  • Loading Screen- Loading screens should be shorter than 30 seconds. The loading screen is plain, with a stylized plumbob in the center and text like, “reticulating splines.”

  • CAST- Create a Style will never be added to the game; it is not technologically possible.

  • Poor Sims- There are no poor lots or families in Willow Creek, only middle class and up.

  • Save Files- You can have as many save files with the same world as you want, or you can add new Sim families to an existing save file.

  • Homeless Sims- There are no homeless Sims, despite previous reports.

  • Handedness- Sims can be right or left-handed. It is random.

  • Property Value- Property value is more important in TS4.

  • School and Work Lots- Sims walk off the map and vanish when going to school and work, like in TS2. There are no school or work buildings.

  • Laundry- There is no laundry in the base game.

  • Basements- Basements are not in TS4, but attics are.

  • Life Stages- Teenagers, young adults, adults and elders are all the same height and have the same clothing options. There are only four sets of unique clothing in TS4: male children, male teens-elders, female children, and female teens-elders.

  • World Travel- Sims can easily travel or move to different worlds and neighborhoods.

  • Supernatural Sims- This hasn’t been 100% confirmed, but it is unlikely that there will be ghosts or supernatural creatures/occult Sims in the base game. We haven’t seen any sign of them yet, and SimGurus will not respond to questions about them.

  • Consequences of Unpaid Bills- If Sims do not pay their bills, their power and then water will be shut off.

  • New Career- Sims can be stand-up comediennes!

  • Aspirational Traits- The trait that comes paired with your aspiration choice in CAS is with your Sim for life. If you change your aspiration later on, you don’t also change the paired trait. The paired traits don’t only work with a select aspiration though; they’re just tailored to match well with particular ones.

Some of theses were covered previously, but I didn't want to cut them out as it's a roundup post.

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