Guy Does 29 Celebrity Impressions In One Amazing Song

What would it sound like if Billie Holiday, Bob Dylan and Britney Spears teamed up on a song together? Probably horrible! One of them is dead and we can't see the other two working well together. Too many divas in the studio, right?

But that didn't stop musician Rob Cantor from attempting his own trans-decade "We Are the World," doing 29 celebrity impressions while performing his original song "Perfect."

It's not (just) a viral stunt; that Cantor is impersonating these celebrities while telling his beloved she's "perfect just the way you are" adds a touch of irony to the song's sincere sentiments.

Watch the video above and marvel at how far Cantor stretches the definition of "celebrity" (Does Smeagol really count?), as well as his vocal cords on the female parts. When he gets to Gwen Stefani, you'll wonder: How can a man do that?

When he did that