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Future Emmy Winners Emmy Rossum & Noel Fisher Prep for Shameless S.5, Continue To Be Better Than You


Looking good in glasses is a challenge for even the most beautiful of women.

But Emmy Rossum looked simply spec-tacular after donning a pair as she went for a stroll in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The saucy starlet was clearly in a jovial mood, and wore a wide grin as she enjoyed her walk in the California summer sunshine.

The Shameless star looked a class act in a red and white floral dress, which was boasted a pleasingly high-cut hemline which drew attention to her terrifically toned legs.


She spiced up her ensemble by donning a pair of matching red rimmed glasses, which added an element of naughty librarian chic to her look.

The 27-year-old is quite the gym bunny, and her tireless workouts are clearly paying off if her lithe physique is any indication.

Emmy will next be seen in the romantic-drama Comet, which premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival June 13.

She stars opposite Justin Long in the film about a perfectly-matched couple's six-year relationship in an alternate universe.

The sexbomb is set to return as Fiona Gallagher as she begins filming the new season of the television show Shameless this alongside William H. Macy.

The Showtime series, which has always been regarded as a drama and submitted in the drama categories for the Emmys, is now switching into the comedy category.

Emmy hopeful Emmy said, 'To only have two categories — comedy and drama — it's very black and white.'


Meanwhile, Noel Fisher baits his fangirls and accepts that Beysus made a mistake in making him blond and dyes his hair back to the patented Milkovich shit brown color.


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