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Michael Slovis replaces Alex Graves as director of GOT season 5-will direct first 2 episodes

With Alex Graves taking a break next year, there are slots that need filling in the lineup of directors for the fifth season of Game of Thrones. It appears now that director and cinematographer Michael Slovis will be stepping up to helm two episodes next season.

At a May event at Slovis’s alma mater, the Rochester Institute of Technology, he revealed that he’ll be directing two episodes of season 5- the season premiere, and the second episode.

Slovis has worked extensively as a cinematographer and segued into directing in more recent years, with episodes on programs such as Breaking Bad, Law and Order: SVU, Elementary, Chicago Fire, and CSI to his credit.

While discussing his work on Breaking Bad, the director elaborated on a question from one individual asking what techniques he’d bring to Game of Thrones, a show set in such a different world than his previous efforts.

Slovis replied, “The methodology, the method is the same, it really is. You’re looking for an honest, not precious, not put-upon way of portraying the scene. The way that every one of the film sets that I direct runs is…You come in, and you read the material, as a group. Then we put it on its feet and [...] you just guide actors, you don’t tell them what you want and very often if you trust them, you’ll get something better than what you ever imagined in your head beforehand. So if you listen and work together — it’s the most collaborative part of the film-making process, is the director and the actor relationship.”
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