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‘Wimbledon’ by Rich White Ladies: absurd, confusing, very good indeed.

A video arrived in our inbox overnight.

It’s for a song titled ‘Wimbledon’, by a duo calling themselves Rich White Ladies.

You may recall (we don’t, it completely passed us by) that Rich White Ladies - Tokyo Diiva and Scotty Rebel, both very good popstar names – had a tune called ‘One Percent’ a couple of years ago. The NYC-based duo are on the verge of signing to Motown/Capitol in the US, and Virgin will be handling things in the UK. And apparently The-Dream and Tricky Stewart are involved in some way.

Which is all very exciting, and at the same time none of it explains anything about the video you are about to watch. It’s an audiovisual experience that in many ways resembles something an alien civilisation might make in an attempt to ingratiate itself with the citizens of Earth, having understood that perky rap-stuffed pop music and tennis are both extremely popular but having not quite grasped the fact that those two elements are rarely popular at the same time.

All in all, a video/song combo that seems to pose more questions than it bothers even trying to answer. Questions like:
1. Is this a joke?
2. If it’s a joke, why is it so good?
3. What does ‘Wimbledon’ mean in this context?
4. Does it just mean Wimbledon?
5. Is “you are so bull-bullshit, we are so Wimbledon” the best or worst lyric of the year?
6. How about “serving face while I’m serving the ace”?
7. Or “I’m bigger than the US Open, ho?”
8. Or “m-m-m-m-Monia Seles”?
9. And is this the first song ever to rhyme “Martina Navratilova” with “champagne supernova”?
10. What was the holdup that meant this only went online three days before Wimbledon actually ends?
11. Is that thingy from Semi Precious Weapons in the video, and if it is does that make it better or worse? [UPDATE: We've just found out that yes it is indeed matey from Semi Precious Weapons, who are also somehow involved in this ridiculous and amazing endeavour.]
12. Why are they playing on a hard court not grass?
13. Did the ‘W’ hand sign thing exist before today, and will spectators on ‘Centre Court’ all be doing it next year every time someone scores a goal or whatever it is that happens in tennis?
14. Are Rich White Ladies potentially the actual best new pop thing of the year, or are they just in the Top 5?
15. And finally, could this be the best Twitter account of all time?
We don’t expect any of us will ever really know the answers to most of these questions and that, ladies and gentlemen, is just part of the magic of this thing we call pop.


azelia who? sharapova what?
Tags: new music post, sports / athletes - tennis

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