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Reality star spotted in viral video of British tourist sucking 24 cocks for a free drink

A video of a girl performing sex acts on more than 20 men in a Magaluf bar in order to get a free drink has sparked outrage after it was posted online.

Local Mayor Manuel Onieva has ordered a police investigation after footage of the sex party was uploaded to the internet.
The video shows a girl, who is believed to be a British tourist, performing the acts as men stand around a dancefloor and the person filming encourages her.

It has been reported that the girl was awarded a bottle of Cava, thought to cost just three euros, in return for completing the stunt.
So-called 'mamading' sex parties - mamada being a Spanish word for performing a sex act - are being increasingly used by Spanish bars as a way to tempt youngsters in.

Onieva says he 'completely rejects' the activities, and has warned 'mamading' bars that they face closure if they are found to have broken the law.

On Facebook and Twitter, users have reacted angrily to the video, branding it 'sick', 'disgusting' and 'really depressing'.
In a post alongside the original video, a user called Pajar Racos said: 'The area continues to invent ways to attract more and more young and this year has introduced a new trend in the local bars.

'It is "mamading". A practice that leads women into a contest in which they perform sex acts on the men in the bar in minimal time.'

Norwich footballer Nathan Redmond was among those condemning the act, saying: 'The video of the girl in Magaluf... Erm, is this what it has come too to get a free drink #sickening.'

Fellow Twitter user Orla Doherty added: 'Can you all give it a rest about this poor girl in Magaluf now please? It's really depressing all round.'

Molly Osborn said: 'Actually speechless at that video of the girl in magaluf.. She is vile and seriously needs her head looking at!!'

However Melissa Mannion was keen to focus attention on the venue, saying: 'Shame on the girl, f*** off. No shame for those men for taking part? Or shame on the bar for allowing it happen?'

A user who identified herself only as Kerri added: 'It's funny that people are so quick to judge the girl who was in that video from Magaluf but nothing about the men taking advantage of her.'

Residents of Magaluf have long complained about drunken Britons wreaking havoc on the island, injuring themselves during all night drinking sessions and blocking off roads through towns.

Meanwhile Geordie Shore's Jay Gardner has confirmed he also featured in the video as the girl asked him whether he wanted to be 'number 25'.

The reality TV star can be seen at the end of the footage sticking his middle finger up at the blonde woman, who then walks away.

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