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“Opie And Anthony” Host Goes On Racist Tirade On Twitter Calls Black People “Animals”

SiriumXM DJ Anthony Cumia, co-host of long-running radio program The Opie & Anthony Show, launched into an extended racist tirade on Twitter after claiming to be assaulted by a woman in Times Square Tuesday.

Cumia claims he was trying to take pictures of the area when the woman got angry for being caught in his frame.

The 53-year-old host claims the woman objected to being in the photos and started punching him. He says after calling her a name she punched him repeatedly, and was then harassed by “5 blacks.”

Gregg “Opie” Hughes and Cumia have hosted shows that included controversial bits such as the annual “homeless shopping spree,” letting a homeless man into the studio to talk about sexually assaulting Condoleezza Rice, and reporting that former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino had died in a car crash, with the stunt going so far his daughter called into the show believing them.

The pair have been fined by the Federal Communications Commission and fired for such stunts, though they always found a new station to call home.

The show, hosted with comedian Jim Norton, has been on XM since 2004, and it got its own channel, The Opie & Anthony Channel, in 2011.

You can see the rest of the Tweets @ BUZZFEED

and they're still up on his Twitter page. In fact, he kept ranting for hours.

I know the source may seem dumb but it's surprisingly the most complete article about this mess that I've seen. In fact, it barely has been reported at all.
Tags: race / racism, radio shows / radio celebrity

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