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Niall Horan is Coldplay's No.1 fan

The One Direction star was one of thousands who went to see the British band, fronted by Chris Martin, perform at the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington, London Tuesday night.

While he’s more accustomed to being the one on the stage making the crowd go wild, Niall admitted he loved taking a backseat to watch Chris, bassist Guy Berryman, guitarist Jonny Buckland and drummer Will Champion wow fans with their latest music.

“The royal Albert hall was rocking tonight!” Niall tweeted after the show. “Went t see Coldplay, was incredible ! Never seen them live before, so was a great experience,” he added (sic).

Apparently the band members, who are promoting their latest release, Ghost Stories, were feeling great about the gig as well.

“Goodnight London. That was a cracker,” a tweet from Coldplay’s verified Twitter account read, with a picture of the packed venue.

Niall meanwhile seems to be making the most of his brief break from 1D’s 'Where We Are' Tour.

The pop star and his bandmates are scheduled to play in Düsseldorf, Germany on Wednesday, but Niall recently issued a plea to some of his very eager fans.

“Can you limit what gets thrown on stage please! Coz somethin thrown at me tonight! Hit my knee! A lot of pain from it!” the 20-year-old tweeted.

“Never wana sound like I'm complaining! But only having my operation 5 months ago, I still get a bit of pain and I'm very scared about it,” he tweeted about the band’s show in Amsterdam last week (sic).

The message came just a few months after 1D took a break at the beginning of the year for Niall to recover from knee surgery.

Although the star was reportedly seen limping in pain off the stage, and his bandmate Harry Styles was also apparently struck by a wayward object, there were no hard feelings.

“Amsterdam thank you for a great couple of shows! Appreciate you coming (sic),” Niall later tweeted.

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