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♕Paris Hilton♕ Kissed a ♘Unicorn♘, and She Liked It

The heiress shares photos from the set of her new video.

Love the magical unicorn in my new #ComeAlive music video!

Be still my beating, ’80s-princess heart. Either Paris Hilton has actually Instagrammed a bunch of photos of her kissing a unicorn, or I’ve gone out of body after marathoning back-to-back viewings of “The Last Unicorn.”

I’m gonna go with the first one.

I kissed a Unicorn!

The ethereal pictures were taken on the set of the perpetually-pulchritudinous pop princess’s polychromatic “Come Alive” video, which will feature “magical makeup & hair styles,” angel wings, and oh my god oh my god oh my god unicorn kisses. Why? Because Lisa Frank willed it.

Unicorn’s rainbow hair — so on-trend right now.

Living the dream...#ComeAlive

Come Alive” is actually the second of two new videos that the patron saint of celebrity DJs has filmed in the last week. Last Thursday (June 26), Paris, who signed to YMCMB in 2013, teased photos from the set of “High Off My Love” on Instagram.

Will either of the follow-ups to last October’s “Good Time” prove as iconic as Paris’s eternal summer jam, “Stars Are Blind?” I don’t know! But let the record show that I’ll be happy with, like, “Sanasa”-levels of iconic.

Loving my rainbow pastel nails by @Nail_swag for my#ComeAlive music video shoot

Stars are blind

You make me #ComeAlive

Love the magical makeup & hair styles that@EtienneOrtega & @ClydeHairGod did for my#ComeAlive music video! Especially this one!

The scintillating songstress has also been busy teasing fans with some of the lyrics for “Come Alive.” During a recent interview for Pussycat Dolls’ founder and famed choreographer Robin Antin’s (who also choreographed both the “Come Alive” and “High Off My Love” videos) podcast, Paris Hilton revealed that she freestyled the lyrics for “Come Alive” in one take during a recording session in Miami. She described it as a “beautiful love song.”

You make me smile. You make me dream. You make me feel alive.
You make me dance. You make me feel it. You make me come to life.
Living the dream
Having fun
Love is my addiction
Only time will tell
How I feel about you
The only one that knows my heart
'Cause boy you see right through

Pulchritudinous Psource

Are you ready to #ComeAlive this summer?
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