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Reviews: "Lady Gaga About to Have Huge Career Change, Biggest Success Yet!"

Lady Gaga is officially out there somewhere, on her ARTPOP tour.

But she just played the Montreal Jazz Fest with Tony Bennett, singing “Lush Life.” Watch the video here. She will blow you away. Gaga is about to have a massive success and a huge career change come September when her jazz duets album with Tony Bennett is released.

I’m not sure anyone realizes what this is going to do for her. For Tony, turning 87. of course, it’s another “day at the office.” The album will make the Grammy deadline of September 30th. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wins Album of the Year in February 2015. Big, big stuff this fall for this duo.

PS I am told she will be dressed “elegantly” with Bennett on tour, no eggs, no meat dresses. It’s going to be about her voice.

Soundscan employee Paul Moss
heard a preview of the new album and this is what he had to say:

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