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This Generation's Henry VIII

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It’s been just over a year since Katy Perry’s short lived marriage to Russell Brand ended in divorce…but she’s now looking for an annulment.

“Although they've been divorced for years now, Katy wants a clean slate and has started the process to wipe the first marriage from her record,” says the source.

Katy got married in a Hindu ceremony to Russell, 39, in October 2010 despite being raised as a catholic (I feel like this is wrong). Her parents are both pastors. An annulment - which means the marriage will be invalid and void - will allow Katy to wed again in the Catholic Church, something she’s unable to do if she’s only divorced.

The source explains: “It’s important to her parents that the quickie wedding does not count in the church and she doesn’t understand why Russell can’t do that for her parents. She knows his approval is just a formality, but she is still hurt about that break-up and wants to kind of say publicly that it was a mistake she wants to wipe off the books.

“She's trying to get Russell to agree, but so far he's not cooperating. They still don’t speak. She is going through his people, but so far she isn’t hearing anything back. The former couple split in December 2012, with their divorce being finalised in February 2013. And it’s no secret it was a messy break-up. Over the past 18-months, the pair have taken endless swipes at each other, with Russell even confessing he thought about other women during sex with Katy.
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