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CrossFit spurred Rick Ross' incredible 100-lb weight loss

“I’ve been doing this CrossFit thing," said Ross. "I call it ‘RossFit. We had started doing it last year. The most I used to do for exercise was stand up to count the money, you know what I’m saying?”

Rick, a former couch potato, said he actually enjoys his high-intensity CrossFit training. "It’s a different type of workout,” he said. “I feel good.”

Ross, 38, also modified his diet, and began eating less junk and more fruit. He said he stills eats the way he used to, but in smaller portions. And he makes exercise a top priority. "I eat pears now and s–t like that," he said. "I still eat the way I want to eat. I just go to the gym."

Rick decided to take control of his health after suffering two seizures in one day back in 2011. The seizures, which occurred on two separate airplane flights, left him unconscious, and CPR was necessary to revive him.

Ross doesn't have a specific weight-loss goal, but is proud of his progress. “It was just time for me to tighten up a little bit,” he said. “I have no destination, no specific weight [goal].”

Tim McGraw Credits CrossFit and Paleo for 40-Lb Weight Loss

Rick isn't the only celebrity who has lost a dramatic amount of weight with CrossFit. Country superstar Tim McGraw credited the combination of CrossFit and the Paleo diet for his jaw-dropping 40-pound weight loss.

McGraw is in the best shape of his life, and has rippling 8-packs for the first time — at age 47. Even he is stunned by his transformation. "I was looking at some old concert shots the other day. Man, my gut!" Tim told Men's Health.

Tim's CrossFit routine incorporate kettlebell swings, hammer strikes, tire flips, sled pulling, and strength-training with martial-arts expert Roger Yuan. "I have trained a lot of people, and many are hard workers, but Tim is another animal," said Yuan. "There is no quitting in him."

Study: CrossFit Torches Body Fat and Boosts Aerobic Fitness

CrossFit's popularity has soared during the past few years, as proponents swear by the regimen's capacity to improve strength and overall fitness. A study Ohio State University confirms what CrossFit fans have been saying all along — that the high-intensity power training workouts can dramatically improve aerobic fitness and body-fat composition.

According to the 10-week OSU study, male and female participants who did CrossFit achieved significant improvements in both aerobic capacity and body fat.

The study tracked 54 participants who did weight-lifting moves such as the squat, dead lift and overhead press performed at high intensity with extremely short rest intervals in between sets. The research showed that all of the participants improved their aerobic fitness, decreased body fat and gained lean muscle.

More at source and  Another article regarding Crossfit from Joe Manganiello's POV, with bonus Paleo chatter

Can Crossfit be done at home safely, or is it mostly a gym oriented thing? (Fitness post, please)
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