Gemma Arterton at Wimbledon With New Boyfriend

Ex-Bond Girl Gemma Arterton’s latest film role in Gemma Bovery requires her to speak fluent French. And having mastered the language of love, she is now in a relationship with French film director Franklin Ohanessian.The pair made their public debut at Wimbledon on Saturday after a lunch hosted by Jacob’s Creek wine.






A besotted Gemma, 28, who is separated from her husband Italian fashion consultant Stefano Catelli, conversed with her beau in his native tongue. ‘Franklin doesn’t like or really want to be in the limelight, but yes, we are together,’ she told me. ‘We met when I was filming The Voices and hit it off. We speak in French and I regularly commute to Paris to be with him.’Ohanessian is an assistant director of Gemma Bovery. Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?



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