Behind-the-Scenes of Amy Poehler & Paul Rudd's new movie They Came Together

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If you have a good head on your shoulders and heart that’s true, then we know that you’re going to love hearing Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd make repeated sexual innuendos while on the set of their new rom-com sendup, “They Came Together.”

Which, if you’ll notice, is an innuendo itself. They can’t even name a movie without a wink at the audience, folks.

MTV News visited the set of the film to yuk it up with Rudd and Poehler ahead of the film’s June 27 release date to see what we could find out about the movie, which is directed by “Wet Hot American Summer” head David Wain.

“It’s kind of subversive and a little bit meta at times,” Rudd explained of the movie, which stars the duo as a couple falling in love — and falling into all the typical tropes of a romantic comedy.

“It’s pretty dumb,” Poehler added.

“Yeah, it’s ridiculous,” Rudd said. “It’s pretty stupid.”

It's HILARIOUS! Go see it if you can find it in a theatre! Or you can watch it on demand/itunes/amazon/etc...