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More Sims 4 Facts

  • Tram and Steamboats- The tram and steamboats in Willow Creek are not functional or interactive. They are for decoration only.

  • House Level Limit- All houses are still limited to three stories/levels/floors

  • Decorative Lots- Many buildings in Willow Creek are for decoration and cannot be visited or interacted with at all. They are like rabbit holes but Sims cannot enter them.

  • Loading Screen- Loading screens should be shorter than 30 seconds. The loading screen is plain, with a stylized plumbob in the center and text like, “reticulating splines.”

  • CAST- Create a Style will never be added to the game; it is not technologically possible.

  • Poor Sims- There are no poor lots or families in Willow Creek, only middle class and up.

  • Save Files- You can have as many save files with the same world as you want, or you can add new Sim families to an existing save file.

  • Homeless Sims- There are no homeless Sims, despite previous reports.

  • Handedness- Sims can be right or left-handed. It is random.

    SimGuruGrant goes into more detail here
    Sounds like we won't even really be able to tell. Whatever.

  • Property Value- Property value is more important in TS4.

  • School and Work Lots- Sims walk off the map and vanish when going to school and work, like in TS2. There are no school or work buildings.

  • Laundry- There is no laundry in the base game.

  • Basements- Basements are not in TS4, but attics are.

  • Life Stages- Teenagers, young adults, adults and elders are all the same height and have the same clothing options. There are only four sets of unique clothing in TS4: male children, male teens-elders, female children, and female teens-elders.

  • World Travel- Sims can easily travel or move to different worlds and neighborhoods.

  • Supernatural Sims- This hasn’t been 100% confirmed, but it is unlikely that there will be ghosts or supernatural creatures/occult Sims in the base game. We haven’t seen any sign of them yet, and SimGurus will not respond to questions about them.

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