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Salem 1X12 promo

For the five people still watching the show.


Yesssss, I was hoping that Anne was a born witch! Finally her character is becoming interesting and it raises questions- can someone be a witch but not be evil/in league with the devil or is her fate sealed? If someone was born a witch, should she be tried for something she never agreed to? Can't wait for John's backstory to be aired in front of everyone, even if he's not found a witch, I don't think people will take too kindly to him turning on his own men and killing people who only came to rescue him (did Tituba tell Increase this?).

I gotta hand it to George- he's one determined, tough bastard- I love how he's been fighting Mary every step of the way, even if he's an asshole who's willing to have an innocent man hang so he can get back at Mary. I bet Increase doesn't really think John is a witch but is using the trial to bait Mary- that scene where he 'wondered' if the real witch would confess to spare John was pretty telling. God, I love this bastard and how hard it is to kill him! Cotton is finally getting his act together and going to defend John (I really like their friendship, it surprised me) and Mercy is going to go against Mary and try and claim leadership? Should be fun.
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