An ONTD Original: Is Anthony Mackie truly in Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Since there was a post yesterday about Anthony Mackie being in Avengers: Age of Ultron and reading through the article it only talks about the rumors that were addressed weeks ago. So the real question becomes: when will we really find out if Anthony is in Age of Ultron? So that was one of my main goals for shedding some light on this question when I went to Philadelphia Comic Con last week where Anthony Mackie was in attendance (and thus where my exclusive one question interview took place).

Lets rewind a little first to June 13th when the rumors began about Anthony’s involvement in Age of Ultron. It is known that the majority of 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' is being filmed around the London area. When they were filming at an University near Norwich that day, there were accounts that Anthony was also there as well.

Now moving forward to Philadelphia Comic Con. Anthony was originally going to be there at 11:00 AM for the autograph session but was late due to his flight being delayed from Europe.

A couple hours later Anthony Mackie arrives to start signing autographs. So when I was in line I knew that I couldn’t simply ask him if he was in Age of Ultron, so I decided to focus the question in another direction seeing if it will result in him saying anything about London.

When it was my turn in the autograph line I had a small chat with him about the picture I was getting signed so that’s when I decided to go in for the question. Being as smooth as I am I asked him “So have you been anywhere exciting lately?” and there was a couple of seconds of silence between us, clearly struggling thinking of an answer (probably knowing what I was implying with my question). That’s when he said smiling that “Well I was in London recently, is that a good answer to your question?” and I just smiled back and said “Yes that’s a great answer, thank you”. And then I got a high-five. Plus he was also super awesome during the photo op too.

So we’ll probably not get a clear answer until San Diego Comic-Con where the whole cast is going to be or even when the movie opens next year. But the fact that Anthony was in London until his arrival in Philadelphia is probably the step in the right direction that he is more than likely in Age of Ultron. I hope this suffices for now fellow Falconettes.

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First original post, lets see how it turns out (I apologize for any typo errors as well).